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The futuristic adventures of a female cyborg counter intelligence agent and her support team. Major Motoko Kusanagi : Look at the bright side, if this doesn't work, we can all go drown our sorrows at a nudie bar. In. Episode guide. Play trailer Animation Action Crime. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated.


Clip Ghost In The Shell: Vol. Trailer Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 2nd season. Ghost In The Shell: Season 2. Photos Top cast Edit. Richard Epcar Batou as Batou. Crispin Freeman Togusa as Togusa.

Peggy O'Neal Girl as Girl …. Dino Andrade Sakakibara as Sakakibara …. Kevin Brief Kanzaki as Kanzaki …. Barbara Goodson Maruta as Maruta …. Kate Higgins Children as Children …. Patricia Ja Lee Fom as Fom ….

Michael McConnohie Commander as Commander …. Douglas Rye Litton as Litton …. Doug Stone Matsuoka as Matsuoka …. Julie Ann Taylor Miyahara as Miyahara ….

Top rated TV More like this. Storyline Edit. The second season of Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex begins with Section 9 being called back to work after a hostage situation of concern to the Ruling Party renders the Police useless. The hostage situation announced the rising of a new terrorist cell, which takes much after another one in the headlines of today's papers.

The Individual Eleven, whose members are neither individuals, or total up to eleven are a new threat to Public Security. How does a specialized public security group face an enemy more faceless than the "laughing man" during a time of political unrest? Among the broad changes from the first show involve the new ruling party, headed by the new Prime Minister Kabayuki after the prior ousting in GITS: SAC, the Japanese Residents caught in the middle of the affairs and paying the taxes for jobs they're going to lose in a time of recession, and the downtrodden "invited" Asian Immigrants of the Sankaru complex Vietnamese War who were brought to Japan as a half-hearted humanitarian act from the government who was really just seeking cheap labor.

And just who is the man called "Gohda", a mysterious new 'supervisor' don't worry, Aramaki still runs the group who appears to be calling the shots for Section 9 during certain missions? He calls out orders as if he was in charge of the group, yet has no apparent loyalty or respect to the government, military or Section 9. Did you know Edit. Trivia There are two sources for the title of the show.

The first is the text at the beginning of the first episode, where it describes the psychology of some of those without cybernetic implants.

Alternative titles

Essentially, they have a "Stand Alone Complex"; they feel that they "stand alone" from the rest of humanity who have cybernetic implants, which allow those with them to communicate at any time with anyone who also has implants. The second source is a reference to the story itself. The term is used to describe an event where multiple people who have no associations with each other and are not part of a common group thus they "stand alone"through similar actions, seem to work together towards a common goal.

This "complex" is referenced a of times in the story, mainly about the laughing man case, but also in reference to a few other cases the group encounters. Quotes Major Motoko Kusanagi : Look at the bright side, if this doesn't work, we can sankaru complex go drown our sorrows at a nudie bar. User reviews 41 Review. Top review.

Anime Evolutionized. Fans of the films might be disappointed. But Stand Alone Complex lives by it's title. Its stands alone from the original movies. But what makes SAC so much more entertaining is the fact it's a series. In this form GITS becomes more like the manga it was inspired from. Sure there isn't a Puppet Master plot, but now we get to see the inner workings of Section 9 and the role they play in this cybernetic future where the line between the real world and the digital one is too closely blurred.

Everything about this series is top notch. The story's are written in classic science fiction form. The 3-D animation is sankaru complex flawless.

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And of course the biggest praise has to be the soundtrack. But mostly the characters bring out the most in this show. Everyone knows Motoko. But Batou is her complete opposite bringing a little bit of humor to an otherwise serious job.

And the old ape, Chief Aramaki, is just superior as the head of Section 9.

Also we get to see how the other members of Section 9 make it the elite team that it is. But really the Tachikoma's bring the most interesting aspect to the show. Since these mini-tanks are controlled by A. Overall their playful attitude contrasts the serious aspects of the show.

The good and the bad. From the hijacked tank, to the Geri's, and even to the terrorist known only as the Laughing Man. Ghost in the Shell SAC shows audiences that anime can be full of action, intelligence, mystery, and humor all rolled into one.

And that makes it a must see for anyone, not just fans of Anime. LafinAtchu Nov 18, FAQ 2. What is the connection between this show and the two movies?

What year does this series take place? Details Edit. Release date November 7, United States. Official site United States. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 24min.

Dolby Digital. Related news.

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