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X posted above since version 5. If you installed LRE in the past, there's a good chance you don't have the right one, double check pretty please. This mod adds an alternative interface for posing a character with IK including some cool features.

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Name: Prudi
My age: 43
Available to: Male
Tone of my eyes: Misty gray eyes
Body type: My figure features is quite slim

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Also, note that you need some experience modding. Either ask, or search for an answer in Google. Also, have in mind that most of this is more like a general guideline, what you end up importing and how it looks is entirely up to you, your tastes and your ability to make it look alright.

Your and others mileage may vary. Name it however you want.

You can even put it in its own folder. Up to you. I did it with my string generator. The copy can be named anything, but it must have a of two digits in the end, such as 00, 01, etc. In the fifth field, you must reference the file we created a few steps before. Notice how it now has a new field with abdata as its value?

Well, the retail game needs this field. You get it from the original Since we need to adapt another head to the game, the best way is to use the original HS head as a reference. You should get a new folder where your unity3d file is located, named just like your unity3d file.

Now, you import your character, and get its head and preferably hair, since moving the hair around right now will save you having to do a lot of adjustment later. Wee need some order. Pretty handy. Then, select all the head objects, then select the empty axes last it should be the only bright one out of all the selected objects.

No need to apply position, not yet anyways. After having applied these, if you have skeletons, make sure they still work in pose mode. They should. Set this texture to your new head model how you do it is up to you, the easiest way is to open the texture while being in edit mode and having the whole UV selected.

Now, if you want it to show on top of your diffuse, you can use cycles rendering, and use this node set for your material:. Do this for as many texture types your face uses diffuse, normal, specular, occlusion map, etc.

Blender seems to have a problem with baking textures like this if they have an alpha channel. Now, you might or might not want to do something similar with the eyebrows. In HS, we need to be able to color eyebrows. This is up to you, you can create a little hair strand brush and brush on top of the generated brow.

If the different pieces use different UVs and different textures, you can them manually and fix the UV accordingly. From here on, you can edit the textures to look like the HS ones brightness, levels, etcor you can continue. Select all the head parts it needs. Check that everything is in place, and then save. Now go see if our current monstrosity works. Go in game, go to the character creator, and select your new face type. Remember I said using the HS eyes is ideal?

Not really useful, if you need to edit them, edit them inside of SB3UG by moving the bone matrices of each skinnedmeshrenderer until it works. I can tell you that these sliders can now control the depth and position of the sb3u honey select, besides the sliders at the eyes section. Rename it to whatever you want. In the first line of the list, in the 14th field, you must set the path to the new material asset.

The list is automatically commited nowadays, so just save when done. Once done, go in game, see if your face still works.

Should no longer be a thing, inventory offset is no longer something we should worry about in HS. The materials are: Use any of my head mods as a template and save yourself this trouble. Just replace the assets inside of them and be happy. List of materials:. Oc texture by your occlusion map. If your source has none, bake it yourself with your 3d software.

Go to the list directory, open In Then in your unity3d, paste all marked. Now close Open your new list.

Second is the order, whatever you want. Fourth is the path to the file with the textures. Set it to the file you created a while ago. The other fields pretty much point to the texture to use. Apply the changes, then save. Close the game, open said texture file. Remember I told you to take note of the used textures? Replace each with diffuse and normal respectively. Save the file. There we go. But it looks orange. This is because the game requires really pale diffuses and specific levels for speculars and object speculars.

[hs] guide(lines) to import custom head meshes

Good luck. Use the original textures of the game to have an idea of what the new ones should look like. You can edit these now, or you can wait and do it later. NOTE: This small section only applies if you removed the brows from the textures and put them in their own mesh. Here ends the brows section. If you have a skeleton, this part is easier, because you can do every head part expressions at the same time, and if you ever need to change something in sb3u honey select mesh that messes around with the vertex order or count, you can do it and then remake the expressions real quick.

This really saves me time. You can see the frame counter in the 3D window:. Next, we use scripting. If you did everything right, you should see the skeleton applying poses automatically, and it will create keyframes out of them automatically, while also advancing the frame counter automatically.

You can see the keyframes if you set any Blender window to Timeline. They get marked with a yellow line. Should be Now that we have our keyframes, we need to export them to Lightwave Point Cache. This format is pretty much the keyframes converted to shapekeys. So, go back to the very first frame 0select the head onlyand export to. Duplicate every head part, and move the new dups to a new layer.

We no longer need the skeleton, so if you duplicated it too, delete that duplicate. Else your morphs will also rotate the head in 90x. Now see if your morphs work by going to Object Data triangle and points icon and from there to Shape Keys. Pin the first morph. Should be the blinking morph.

Now do this for every other head part.