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The holiday season has come to Heartlake City, and the Friends are opening gifts from their Secret Friends. But someone has left an extra present under the tree.

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Name: Costanza
How old am I: I'm 50 years old
Nationality: Uruguayan
Meeting with: Gentleman
Hair: Blond
I like: Diving

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I'm thrilled to announce Rubber Seoul, a new project exploring the musical aesthetics of K-Pop. Over the coming months I'll be releasing a series of EPs or "mini-albums", to use K-pop parlance.

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Each will feature different approaches to songcraft and production, with the common thread being K-pop. Think of it as Secret Friend on a sugar high. Learn a lot more about the project here.

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Album cover photo by Noe Alonzo. This edition includes the original Secret Friend demos which are distinctly different from the final versions. Featuring Dennis of Spanish Town on vocals.

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Get the single now from your favorite download or streaming service. The power gets the money And the money gets the whores I want power! With an army made of fifty some million men You will be ripped to shreds virtually Destroyed.

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First The debut mini-album from Rubber Seoul. Visit the Rubber Seoul website Get it now from your favorite download or streaming service, or buy direct from the artist. Power… Power The power gets the money And the money gets the whores Why do we have to get along?

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They're coming for your women And they're coming for your jobs.