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Average rating 3. Vote count: Is there any way for this to be posted on google drive or something? It is very difficult to use the sites that you have posted to download these. Hello, do you want some game from this collection or full collection? Hello, there are many games so do you have some game wish which you want to play?

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If you need some specific game from Lesson of Passion you can write and i will try to find fast links for them. This is a big collection. I hope you will get also the games from This would be pretty impressive. But no background picture.

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What could it be? Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix it. I have already deleted this collection from my computer and I can not watch. But soon there will be an updated collection and I will pay attention to this game.

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Hello, this collection is posted by my friend so i will ask him now and he will reply you soon. I appreciate it:. I understood you. Please Read the instructions before asking questions. I read. I still have no idea how to start with the games, I not sure if it is a technical error or I just too blur to know the correct steps haha. Tell me if now you can run games.

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Thanks for the assist. I can now run Palemoon browser. As for the games, i tried opening the file using flash but I could not find any swf files that i can open. It is the same for other games. I just keep on trying and if it can work I will update you. Hello, those games need to be cracked so i doubt that there will be update soon but we will see.

Hello, this is of my friend, but i will help you. Anu updates on these titles? Thanks for your efforts. Hello there are some expansions for Eleanor 3 one is released and another one is upcoming can u add them too? Hello, sadly this games have DRM protection and nobody cracked it yet so i am not sure when it will be available.

Please help. Hello, please check my second site: Adultgamesworld. Hello miladmin, first of all a big thank you!

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But i hope that we will be able to play their awesome games in future. If it will be leaked anywhere on internet it will be immediately on this site. Please help me out? Hello, here are info which i have: Installation: 1- Extract to desired location.

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Tell me if you still have problem, i am not er for this collection, so i will need to ask my friend for this. Hello, thank you for the feedback miladmin. When i open. After pressing it, the game sound starts but the game gets stucked in loading screen.

So, can you please ask the er how to get past this problem?.

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Hello again, my friend told me that he already wrote in comments what he knows about this problem. His nickname is Dens so you can check it.

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Does anyone know from what game the 14th picture is? Hello, can you add the new version of Seducing the Throne : More magic, more mushrooms?

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Thanks for the effort. Hey mate, thank you for the kind words. Feel free to visit it and enjoy! Also you can download this games via backup link on my second site Adultgamesworld. But you have limit as a free user there, 5 GB per day. Because of that I always post more file hosts so you can choose.

Hello, for now I have currently one solution for Flash Games but I am not sure if it can work with Lesson and Passion games: Adobe blocked Flash content starting on January 12th. ViewsDownload 1 From Rapidgator Size: Mb. Download 2 From Fileboom Size: Mb. Download 4 From Keepshare Size: Mb. Junna Cena says:. April 10, at am. April 10, at pm.

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