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Sims 4 big boobs, I sims 4 big boobs male that loves tranny

The problem is, the breasts from the npc-sims looks weird. Most of them will have very big boobs and it doesn't look very naturaly in my opinion. But for cas-sims its very good!

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Name: Kelci
Years old: I'm 37 years old
Ethnic: Belgian
Tone of my eyes: Cold brown eyes
What is my gender: Fem
I speak: Italian
My figure features: I'm slender
Favourite drink: Vodka
What is my favourite music: Electronic
Piercing: None
Smoker: No

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One of the big things EA has been talking about with regards to the latest iteration of their powerhouse series, The Sims, is the new Create A Sim mode. In order to see if it lives up to that benchmark, we took a demo of the new Create A Sim mode for a spin.

It paints a picture of a completely new, never-before-seen approach to character creation that will change the gaming landscape. The most ificant change is the abandoning of sliders to determine the sizes of various body parts.

For some aspects, like facial features and breasts, it works really nicely, because it lets you adjust positioning as well as size at the same time. For example, you can click and drag left and right on a female sim's boobs to adjust their size, while dragging up and down alters how high or low on the chest they fall.

You can customise outfits and hairstyles from a range of different options, and create a personality be selecting temperament, aspirations, and quirks. The one thing that really let me down with the demo was just how limited the options are beyond body shape.

All the options strictly conform to gender norms. If you want long hair on a male Sim, your best option is a shoulder-length shaggy do, while women get all manner of long, styled looks.

The opposite is true for short haired options. Tattoos and clothing colours are even worse.

Women, meanwhile, can enjoy floral tattoos or a cute dolphin on the ankle, and plenty of pinks and purples in their wardrobe.