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Jul 21st, 19 Popular Sites Like Uselessjunk The team has studied the internet and identified several prominent humor and video sites like Uselessjunk. Come by and discover additional websites that are similar to Uselessjunk. Displaying 1 to 10 of alternatives to Uselessjunk.

Name: Joella
How old am I: I'm 24 years old
Ethnic: Argentine
Iris tone: I’ve got lustrous green eyes
Hobbies: Fishkeeping

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Useless junk

Well, someone was really creative, when they were looking for a domain And mind you, back then there was basically no porn around, so this was certainly something that caught a lot of attention. I mean porn has grown so much that people come to my website in order to see which XXX tube they should visit. While keeping your hands off your dick is probably the best way to get a real girlfriend instead of switching to a new virtual fuck-bae every night, you can still increase your chances of getting some real sex by toning down the intensity of your porn.

The reason why pictures are better material to fap to than videos is because videos nowadays the professional ones at least feature girls with a ton of makeup on and good lighting that makes them impossibly hot, getting fucked in camera angles that make porn look like perfection to anyone sites like uselessjunk watches it.

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Your brain now thinks that trying to get a real girl to fuck you is a futile effort, because why would you try to get some real-life girl to fuck you when you can open up a video of Gina Valentina taking it in the ass from a POV perspective and jack off to it in order to get a disgusting amount of dopamine for free?

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At first glance, it looks weirdly barren and rather unattractive, but on the left side, you can see a dropdown menu that shows you all the on this website. Reddit itself mostly has pictures and gifs when it comes to NSFW content, with video links only being submittable through links that lead you to an alternate website. There is nothing fapworthy on this site at the moment, and whether there will be one day or not is unknown.

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