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Born in to freed slaves on a farm in Baltimore, Maryland, Benjamin Banneker was obsessed with math and science. And his appetite for knowledge only grew as he taught himself astronomy, mathematics, engineering, and the study of the natural world. InBanneker began publishing almanacs.

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The print depicts the Jesuit college that once stood here and the damage it sustained during the British conquest of Quebec City.

Name: Caresa
Years: I'm 27 years old
Ethnic: I'm from Hungary
Color of my eyes: I’ve got clear gray-blue eyes
My sex: Woman

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They take underprivileged children to work for them and in exchange their families get money. Child labour is inhumane.

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An 8 year old should be out playing and having fun and not slaving away to make money for his family. Care enough about the 8 year old working for you?

Do you have any reading comprehension skills? I came to this country for a vacation to visit my family and I am witnessing these acts. I do NOT condone child labor. I did NOT hire this child to work for me. ME, personally? But my uncle?

Other families? Ofcourse I am against it. Ofcourse, I am documenting everything to bring some justice. Trafficking in persons is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights. Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad.

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All trafficking victims share one essential experience: the loss of freedom. The concept of trafficking hurts my soul. Innocent lives are lost everyday due to this inhuman act. I really want to spread awareness about it! Here are some good organizations dedicating to this.

The reality of just how deep these realties go can be daunting, but every bit of awareness helps!

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Of course we will donate a portion to organizations and trafficking victims. I will provide a thank you note at the end for proof! She took the money and ran. I would care a lot about it too if I personally knew a victim of trafficking who was still in indentured servitude. The concept of you profiting by selling t-shirts decrying human trafficking while you have an actual child slave hurts my soul. Call out culture is the most toxic thing on this website.

Most of it is widespread misinformation and severe exaggeration. And the worst part is that most people just hop on the bandwagon and go on to believe it. Most importantly, what type of person does that make you? This is another post that slaves tumblr reblogged as if it was true and it annoys me because those two girls are from a kpop group yet so many people believe that the tweet is true. Even my younger sister. Apparently we live in a world where only one person is allowed to post one thing true that they found on the net ever and anyone else who makes a similar post about the same thing is stealing.

I didnt know you could steal real life crime articles. According to BBC, they reported it first and CNN has no right to report on events if another news station already did it. Her name was Priya, and she was the sweetest little thing. She enjoyed working there, as she had enough to eat everyday, and enjoyed pleasures such as AC, indoor plumbing and much more. She said it beats working in a factory where many children are injured daily and work in poor conditions. For those just tuning in, a video posted by Sixpenceee triggered epileptic seizures in someone watching it.

When said person tried to contact Sixpenceee and ask that she include an epilepsy warning, they were ignored. Or something. Posts Got something to say? Have more callouts? Send slaves tumblr here.

FAQ Archive. Why are you condoning child labor?

“happy slaves?”

I will document everything and make a post so this issue gets recognition. You can order a shirt here.

Trades of Hope can also be added to this list!! Want so bad!

For those asking, YES! Thank you to all those who have bought a shirt so far! I would wear the shit out of this. And the worst part is that most What we do have are maids, who are adults. To describe child slavery like it's the norm here is incorrect and morally horrifying.

It's scary how nonchalant sixpenceee is giving that statement, because people who are unaware are going to believe it's true. Did you know that there have been cases where a pregnant women was so scarred by seeing something violent or brutal for example an amputee that when their babies were born, they were missing an arm or leg, or resembled the disfigurement the mom saw. Emotions can be transplanted to the fetus and even mark it physically.

Thank you. Archive link is here.

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