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Smutstone art, I date girl smutstone art wants hostess

Enjoy the best of two worlds: an immersive fun card game and juicy fantasy erotica. Get to know all the nasty secrets and desires as you bang juicy maidens and move through the eye-popping levels of the game.

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As the clever name suggests this is a card game that is clearly getting some serious inspiration from Hearthstone and other such card games. While you can spend money on gems if you want, you can also play this game without spending a penny and still have a fun time while doing so.

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It is that time again, ladies and gentle people, when we review another porn game that might be worth your attention.

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I also enjoy some other hobbies, like playing regular video games, hanging out with people, and, unsurprisingly, writing this blog! The beauty of playing porn games is that it tickles your senses and your brain, especially if the game is as engaging as it is filled with sex. I like a good balance of explicit content, an interesting storyline, and fun gameplay, and that is what I look for in every new porn game I uncover. SmutStone is a porn game, meaning a video game with explicit content sprinkled throughout the storyline.

It is an action-adventure with elements of magic and smutstone art, visual-novel style gameplay, and card battles. At the very start of the game, during a wild night out with your mates at a strip club, one of the dancers gets abducted through a magical portal by an smutstone art sorceress.

If you think this premise is a little out there, wait till your main character gets pulled through the same portal in an effort to save the poor, hot dancer with her exposed boobs. SmutStone is an almost gothic world of strange winged pig-like creatures, evil mages, and sexy girls of all kinds who are all too eager to help you fight that evil.

My smutstone review (cheat codes, secrets & alternatives)

There is nudity galore, and the sex scenes are nothing to sneer at. Technically speaking, yes, SmutStone is completely free. One of them is the official game site, smutstone. If you like the game and wish to become a regular player, you can make smutstone art here and keep coming back to it to continue your saved progress.

You can also play the game on Nutaku, the coolest porn smutstone art platform on the web. This is where I stumbled upon SmutStone, and where I am still playing it to this day. It requires you to have a Nutaku again, completely free! If you like this game and are thirsty for more porn titles of that type, why not check out this extensive list of similar ones? Some are just like SmutStone, but there are also some with different gameplays that are equally as porny and will satisfy all of your urges.

Cunt Wars comes with a couple of different titles. You can play it as Cunt Wars on its official website, but you can also find it as Chick Wars on Nutaku. Apart from the slightly different names, the two games are exactly the same. This is a card battle game similar to SmutStone, and it has some magnificent hentai artwork to come with it. In Cunt Wars, you play Adam, an anime protagonist who is in charge of keeping an entire realm safe from dark forces.

He collects cards along the way, recruits women into his harem, and the stronger the harem is, the more chance he has to win against his opponents. If you want more of what SmutStone is, Cunt Wars is a worthy alternative. Easily one of my favorite porn games in this entire list, Harem Heroes will immediately hook you in with its highly explicit scenes the moment you load the game.

Smutty down?

Here, you are a regular fella who gets transported into the world of Haremverse. Much like in Cunt Wars, the purpose of Harem Heroes is to build your harem of sexy girls. These will be more than willing to please you, but also to win battles for you against storyline enemies and other live players. Hours and hours of enticing gameplay await you in Harem Heroes! As a combination of a clicker game and a dating sim, Fap CEO puts a new spin on the standard gameplay styles.

You are the owner of a video-chat company and your goal is to hire the sexiest girls to work for you, earn more money, and build an entire business empire! Once you reach the top with your company, you can then sell it and start a new, better one.

Fap CEO at first seemed a bit childish to me. The artwork was too over the top, too exaggerated, but I quickly adjusted thanks to all the bouncy breasts the erotic scenes offer.

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I love a good resource management game and this one incorporates many kinks, such as anal sex and creampie, for an unforgettable experience. Translated from an original Japanese game, Kamihime Project R features girls who talk in Japanese, so that you get that full hentai ride.

They sound sweet and innocent but are more than eager to get down on their knees for you. The fantasy world of Kamihime Project R is not a game you should pass up.

In this universe, a second apocalypse is on the horizon. You are a hero who, together with your friend Alyssa, needs to gather the Kamihime, special god-like girls who can stop this apocalypse. This game takes you to the Naughty Beach, where you meet Andriella, a mermaid that was just freshly turned into a human.

By going on dates with as many girls as possible, of course! Booty Calls is a dating smutstone art where you get to take cute and curvy girls out on dates, to seduce them, give them gifts, and ultimately have sex with them. Andriella will be most grateful when you return all satiated and with the ingredient she needs to stay on land.

Instead of fighting monsters by clicking on them, you use this feature to make girls orgasm, which makes it infinitely more fun. Haremverse needs your help to restore balance. Through mighty clicking, leveling up, and enjoying dirty pics of gorgeous hentai girls, you might just have what it takes to help Haremverse get back on its feet. The first thing you need to know about 7 Angels is that its artwork is out of this world. In a fairly straightforward storyline, an evil succubus — a demon in the form of a sex-hungry girl — has cursed you. To lift this curse, you need to seduce seven angels and have sex with them using a dating app!

The game has smutstone art endings, so be careful what kind of answers you give.

If you get a bad ending, you can always go back and try again, unlocking even more hot pics in the process! Fap Titans is not a particularly challenging game, but it is a decent pastime if you have nothing better to do. Nonetheless, it could be a decent break from your everyday life that includes a spicy hentai image or two. The artwork you unlock looks unpolished, and overall, the entire game leaves a lot to be desired.

Smutstone art away from the classic hentai games, the Sex Emulator is something on a completely different level. The gameplay consists of a 3D model that sits pretty for you and who you can play with however you like.

You can choose her ethnicity, hair color, size of her boobs, and what skills and preferences she has when it comes to sex. Then you can have her perform all sorts of kinky sex acts. My favorite smutstone art are Anal, when she uses a large clear dildo to insert into her ass, and Tits, where she plays with her tits. You choose what role you want to play what type of guy you want to beand then you go through life seducing hot women and having sex with them in any way you want. This is a game that features real actors and real-life scenes.

It is essentially POV porn, only you get to choose who you want to have sex with and in what positions. A dating sim with real girls — an entirely fresh take on porn and porn games that leaves you grabbing for tissues to clean yourself up. Even though I love playing most of these games regularly, the two I keep coming back to over and over again are Cunt Wars or Chick Warsand Harem Heroes.

The main two reasons for this are the quality of its artwork and de, and its exciting gameplay. Quite the contrary, I have yet to encounter a game with such high-quality art. A lot of time and effort and money must have gone into visualizing this game, and it shows. SmutStone is one of the most aesthetically pleasing porn games currently available.

In the beginning, it really is easy and not requiring a lot of thought. However, once you venture further into the game, you realize that you need to figure out some sort of strategy. There is a finesse to collecting cards for your battles, choosing which ones go into your deck, leveling them up, earning more gold, and so on and so forth.

This requires you to be a tactician to ensure a win each time you participate in a battle. This is a big turn-off for most players, especially long-time ones, and sooner or later, they drop the game in favor of something new and shiny. The second problem would be that it can become more about the intricacy of the gameplay than about the porn.

While there is porn, and plenty of it, at some point it might not be enough to keep you coming back for more. Smutstone art also love to prevent players from advancing quicker or getting any kind of meaningful rewards by introducing innovative limitations and changing gameplay aspects. SmutStone is a great option to play when you want something that will make your brain work for the porn scenes. You may not want to get too invested in the gameplay because of how it might not be worth it in the end, but for casual play, SmutStone is one of the best titles out there.

Like with all other games on this blog, I have to discourage you from looking up cheat codes for SmutStone.

Download smutstone

There definitely is! SmutStone Wiki is a glorious place if you want to become a pro at the game. In the game itself, you can see the cards you own and the cards you have yet to acquire by clicking on the Cards tab at the bottom of the game screen.