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That pervet, Espanol that pervet hunting for guy especially for slappers

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'pervert.

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An example of a pervert is someone who peeks into his or her neighbor's bathroom. An example of pervert is to turn a fairy tale into a sick and twisted story.

Those perverts were trying to spy on us while we changed clothes! Wealth, popularity and power tend to dethrone the authority of reason and to pervert the soul from the natural to the artificial. Feeling like 20 kinds of pervert for doing it, he hoped to at least be spared undressing her further. Filters 0.

Pervert sentence examples

Words form: perverted perverting perverts. See word origin.

The definition of a pervert is a person with abnormal sexual behavior. One who practices sexual perversion. Pervert is defined as to turn away from what is right or proper. To cause to turn away from what is right, proper, or good; debase. A perverted person; esp.

Other words from pervert

To cause to turn from what is considered right, good, or true; misdirect; lead astray; corrupt. To turn to an improper use; misuse.

A person whose sexual habits are not considered acceptable. To bring into a worse condition; debase.

Translation of "that pervert" in spanish

To turn from truth, rectitude, or propriety; to divert from a right use, end, or way; to lead astray; to corrupt. To misapply; to misinterpret deedly.

To turn another way; to divert. To interpret incorrectly; misconstrue or distort. An analysis that perverts the meaning of the poem.

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To change or misapply the meaning of; misinterpret; distort; twist. To corrupt someone morally. Origin of pervert. Middle English perverten from Old French pervertir from Latin pervertere per- per- vertere to turn wer- 2 in Indo-European roots.

Pervert Sentence Examples. Now I feel like a proper dirty old pervert.

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