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Trials in tainted space best build, I am seek male who wants trials in tainted space best build

As a tech specialist, your abilities would rely heavily on your intelligence and aim. The life of a tech specialist is one of profit through smart decisions and superior technology.

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Trials in Tainted Space is a text-based erotic game, created by Fenoxo that involves full customization and freedom over your character. The game starts off with a guy impregnating a woman. Before the plot begins, players are free to choose their race, build, height, genitals, and their sizes. The whole story revolves around what you pick as your main traits. He is free to engage with them in whatever manner he likes.

Name: Roberta
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Tone of my eyes: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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Trials in tainted space mercenary build Trials in tainted space wiki fated names Trials in tainted space tips Trials in tainted space psychic powers Trials in tainted space relationships Trials in tainted space builds Accessory trials in tainted space Tainted in space wiki Trials in tainted space mercenary build Discussion in ' Trials in Tainted Space ' started by crimsidenJan 16, Fenoxo Forums.

Trials in tainted space [v ]

ed: Jul 4, It would go Easy- merc medium smuggler Hard tech? Granted this game isnt hard and all but ya sure most will get what i mean. Lancer Well-Known Member. ed: Nov 1, That's the general consensus. There's a few people out there with other opinions, but the vast majority of people will agree with that. Xeivous Well-Known Member. ed: Sep 21, I wouldn't rate them in terms of difficulty, more along the lines of "having perk choices worth clicking the level up button to get".

Yeah the game isn't all that difficult but it would still be nice to get the high that comes with leveling up in a game and getting to make your PC stronger. JDeko Well-Known Member.

ed: Aug 27, I think most people I've seen has said that Techie or Merc is easy mode and Smuggler is garbage class. ed: Jan 16, Tech really depends with the various perks it got. Smuggler and Merc, anything can work with it. Galgano Well-Known Member. Trials in tainted space wiki fated names Fenoxo Forums. Optimal Mercenary Build? Ranma Well-Known Member.

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ed: Mar 26, Not counting for slow gain, what is the best Mercenary build in the latest version of the game? Is it still better to go Melee or did Ranged become better for them? Evil Well-Known Member.

ed: Jul 18, Ranged mercenaries really do just power through everything right now. Stop hovering to collapse Click to collapse Hover to expand Click to expand I had to ask cause i have this image in my head of a treated amazon Steele butchering anything in her way with a minigun type thing team fortress 2 heavy style. Slab Bulkhead likes this.

I mentioned the shotgun and the railgun because they are the top tiered weapons for Mercenaries, due to their high kinetic damage, which is really benefit from the Merc's bonuses to kinetics. Probably the closest to the minigun is the chainlaser, which as an energy weapon is good, but not the most effective for a mercenary.

ed: Jul 17, I think the Railgun is better overall. With concentrate and the rail guns bonus hit rate, what you lack in crits you make up for in sustained damage. Not much can handle 3 or 4 Rapid Fires. Conversely, I much prefer the Stormbull. I prefer the accuracy over the crit, especially when using Rapid Fire. But then again, it comes down to personal preference. The enemies get taken down regardless. Darkwarpalg6 Well-Known Member. ed: Aug 28, I still say melee all the friggin' way.

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Trials in tainted space tips Once you finally manage to unglue your [pc. Her midsection presents an enticing target for some squeezing! Next, you take note of her mounds: modest C cups, but deliciously perky - and with quite large nipples that her catsuit utterly fails to subdue. However, those same eyes also betray subtle s of drug use. Just you were in sizing her up, it appears she wasted no time either.

The Gabilani tech has amber skin, light-grey hair and a somewhat chubby build that is presently concealed under a white catsuit, emphasizing her wide hips, bountiful ass and thick thighs. She is holding a wacky sci-fi gun in one hand, while the other remains close to the grenades on her waist belt. A of other belts are strung around her legs and fitted with all sorts of tech instruments, though some of them look suspiciously like sex toys.

Her eyes are covered by anti-flash goggles, but a crazed smile belies her euphoria. Lumi is a Smart and competent tech who wants to prove trials in tainted space best build by becoming the first person of her race to create a biomod acknowledged by the UGC. To this end, she goes around collecting and studying genetic material from spacers. That is, until she turned into a Soak junkie after taking a dose, thinking it was candy. Captain Steele will randomly encounter Lumi on the surface of Tarkusassuming that the player is at least level 7 and has not destroyed the planet as a result of the Stellar Tether quest-line.

When meeting her, she will introduce herself as an ambitious explorer and scientist who wants to make gene mods. Currently she is scouring the surface of Tarkus because Gabilani rarely visit the surface and because she believes that exotic aliens can make great inspiration.

When encountered, if the player has genitals, she will take interest in them and ask the player if she can harvest their fluid for her research. If the player refuses and does not have a history of donating to her already, Lumi will become hostile and will try to forcibly subdue the player to milk them.

If Captain Steele Submits, it le to one of her loss scenes. If the player submits at least 5 times with a libido greater than 70 and submits to Lumi again, while they are unconscious, she will inject the player with the of her research and the player will gain the Breed Hungry Perk. Obtaining the Breed Hungry perk halves the amount of time it takes to encounter her again.

If the player does not have genitals, Lumi will ask you to grow some genitals so that she can milk you the next time she sees you.

Otherwise, it le to combat. The player also has the option to attack Lumi and try to Overpower her when encountered if they are not too addicted to her treatment. Lumi has a dynamic affection score known as addiction.

Trials in tainted space [v ]

Addiction represents the lasting impact being forcibly milked has on the player and the likelihood that they will submit to Lumi on repeat encounters. While the physical changes are temporary, the addictive effect are still present. Losing in combat or submitting to a milking has a chance to increase addiction by a certain amount to a maximum of 50, along with Taint and Libido. If these factors become too high, then when approaching Lumi the player will automatically submit to her and her ministrations.

The only way to decrease addiction is to beat her in combat.

Which, is only an option before you reach the point of automatic submission. The formula to calculate automatic submission comes into play when addiction reaches 10 and libido reaches If the amount exceeds a random between 1 andthen you will submit automatically. Right now, the highest Willpower can be is Lumi's fighting style is a cross between Smugglers and Tech Specialistsleaning more to the Tech Specialist side.

It is best not to underestimate her. Trials in tainted space psychic powers Fenoxo Forums. What build do you run in TiTs? Corivas Well-Known Member. ed: Aug 29, Literally the title. Can be a viable or creative build doesn't always have to be viable, variety is cool too. Frilly Bikini Top and Bottom to finish it off. Woider Well-Known Member.

ed: Aug 26, Seriously, I tend to just go for what has the best statistics. Starstruck Well-Known Member.

Tech specialist

Best shields, best energy weapon, vamp melee blade, goo-armor, tons of energy recovery items in backpack, maxed all stats and Brutaly Simple? Sooo Derpy? Too OP? CallistheCalloused Well-Known Member. ed: Nov 5, I almost always go with Melee builds.

Go hard or go home is my style. Trials in tainted space relationships The life of a mercenary is one of profit through violence. When choosing the special ability perks, Steele may attain abilities that fall under two specific themes to define the player's play style.

Best build help?

The bonus shots provided by Rapid Fire and Second Shot do not have the accuracy reduction if the ranged weapon used has the "Bonus Hit Rate" flag. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. Jump to: search.