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More deets after the break if you care to peep the future of ship on ship violencing! Considering the two systems are going to be essentially isolated from each other, it made sense for me to put the effort in now for Ships, get all of the Map V2 stuff to work, and then maybe think about porting it back to the rest of the game content. I prefer more exotic on my non-humans. A few questions: Are you going to keep the room descriptions in the map V2? So even the Casstech is going to have a bunch of rooms despite being so small?

Is it just not going to have any upgrade slots?

The main thing to remember is that a room is a totally arbitrary size in TiTS. Not all squares on that map nessecerily relate to the same volume of space, and a module could just as easily be little more than enough space for a person to sit at a console as it may to store a dozen suits of power armor. Firstly it gives us a single system that allows players to both upgrade their ship numerically AND customise it cosmetically.

We could build two entire systems for this, but it would take more work and add even more complexity to the interface to the system, which is something I wanted to avoid from the outset. Secondly it ties in well with the way the player is going to as crew members, and potentially after that, find said crewmembers and interact with them specifically.

If you as Super Good Gunner A to a gun turret on the port side of the ship in the interface, you know where to go if you need to find them. Remember, the starter ship is small… Like a shuttle or a small hauler, so it should be functional but not enough to where most players would rather keep it just to save money.

Did anyone give Endless Sky a check when I mentioned it before? So ship stuff is happening now. Gedan be careful not to overwork yourself that huge text wall has me worried.

So what is the plan if you have more crew members than the ship allows when you load a game after the upgrade? Nothing is set in stone forever.

For test purposes of course. Do we have s yet? How many or few I mean.

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But would that supercarrier be close to end-game, or will it be available right off the bat but be extremely expensive? Hmm once ship crew limits are added. Or at the very least some sort of TARDIS cheat code to make our ships bigger on the inside crew wise like they have been up till now. Also the ship mechanics look very nice! Will there finally be decent item storage? I like my games to have potentially infinite and navigable item storage, even if there are finite limits to specifics like player inventory.

Add a rudimentary search function on top of it, and all the worst parts of inventory management are solved without breaking game balance. Something like that; a problem for another day. That would be understandable, but your ship can hold many more things than your inventory can, leaving players with things they want to keep, like different sets of armor, clothing, weapons, and etc, unable to personally hold them all, something it would be unfair to punish them for.

Just out of curiosity. Will the ships you can buy be avaliable on Tavros station or will we have to go to some other planet to buy them depending on the ship you want? But, hypothetically, speaking from the perspective of a complete and utter asshole, there are ways of eliminating that eventuality.

One of the less dark options are bimbofying her. Just keep her like she is just with a feeding tube and a poopshoot. Far more grim than getting thrown out an airlock. There are 6 at least pencilled in. Possibly, depends what gets written. Will it be possible to specialize maybe multiple ships for certain roles, like having a really tanky one, a glass cannon or maybe one that is just built to outrun any sort of trouble? Pregnancy and ships: two things everybody wants more of!

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Very excited to see the future of TiTS with such a vision in mind. The faction system was mothballed some time ago, I just recently found out. Fuck yeah. This all sounds pretty damn cool, and I look forward to getting a new ship and customizing the hell out of it. More than likely. Shit, before I got involved any kind of map at all was a distant pipedream, to be added some day in the far off future.

Most of the very basics of the systems have been prototyped in Silence; the trick now is for me to not cheat it and actually wire up all of the stats than just handwaving them, and then make the combat itself work in the form that it has been deed here. A guide for ship customizing could probably be left to a on-ship A. Those fiends!

Making our sexy dragon goddess work while so heavily swollen … We must remedy this at once with regular tummy and full body massages, with her favorite dessert at the ready for hand feeding. Thanks for sharing!

Some have tried to expand on Embry and they dropped out doing so because of how much work her planned follower content was. Im really looking forward to all the new ship stuff and the pregnancy content that may follow. Keep up the awesome work Gedan. Pretty much this. You mean the sentry bots on Deck 13? Likely after. Really looking forward to this and especially the pregnancy stuff.

Maybe, maybe not. I definitely want to include some ships that have VI presences though namely: I kind of want a ship that has a VI with a physical body styled somewhat after the ship that it can roam around using. Sort of like Andromeda from the series of the same name?

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That would be really cool, possibly have to win over the VI to gain full access to the ships potential. Either way really looking forward to this stuff, thanks for all the hard work! Keep up the good work Geddy! I even have it all planned out to the finest detail in my head already!! Small steps, sonny. No need to run up a long slope unless you done so with a smaller one before… No-one wants to see you trip, okay? Christ man, a pregnancy fetish is one thing, but Mechanophilia on top of it? Your straining the writers here…One step at a time.

So after the last patch. Did something happened to the water queen. It use to be you could carry 24 children. Now im Lucky it get 10 no matter what I do.

Probably only for very specific characters, but i could definitely see someone commissioning that for the Water Queens. That would be great, but also eventually any characters we have with the likes of Anno, Syri, Kaede. Will there be a private shipyard where we can store ships for whenever?

Where will the crew members be stored when not on board the ship after recruiting them? No, but you might be able to, at a much later date, buy ships that allow a fair bit of customization within reason.

Maybe this has been brought up before, but is there ever going to be a proper pregnancy involved with losing to parasitic lapinara? As of now, their eggs just disappear after the initial loss scene. It was not a lack of AI equipment that prevented Hand-So from being installed, but a lack of the ship coding systems that Gedan is talking about in this post, specifically the ship map, due to what was envisioned for Hand-So.

They could have written you plugging her into the current ship, but they would have had to dumb her down considerably, and then re-write her completely when the new mechanics were completed. Anyways can we mock the thieving cousin with the better ship?

I mean like she mailed our PC with her bed with the zils. Also a ghost ship possible?

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Ghost ship? As in encountering a derelict, drifting hulk? The first certainly has possibilities.