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Tumblr erotic, I am searching tumblr erotic who loves exotic

Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

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Name: Ursulina
How old am I: 34
Ethnic: Egyptian
I understand: English, Russian
I like to listen: Easy listening
My piercing: None

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I scanned the faces on the crowded train, many looked hot and flustered. A hard day in a sweaty office followed by a busy crowded commute home. No wonder they looked tense.

One guy stood out though; tumblr erotic and cool, standing opposite me in the corridor and just to the right of my hubby who was sat on the aisle seat opposite me. Linen shirt and chinos, blonde with grey streaks and his pale blue eyes which strafed my body. A light summer dress, low cut and mid thigh length. Hold up stockings and a lace bra. No knickers today, I love how the warm summer breeze teases my pussy while I walk! He caught my eyes and smiled over at me, a full on smile: white teeth on display, his eyes crinkled and the intensity of his gaze made me squirm in my seat.

I clasped my hands together and pressed them into my lap. I smiled back and held his eyes as long as I could before blinking away. Opening the bottle I took a sip, then another.

I looked up at the stranger and as he stared I took a longer drink and allowed a dribble to fall off my chin. I felt it rolling between my breasts and watched his eyes follow it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As we passed more stops the crowd thinned out considerably and soon he remained standing next to and just behind L, seats available everywhere but he stood and watched. Another drink, another dribble, my dress front starting to get damp. I made as if to brush the water away in case L was watching.

He smiled again, so beguiling, his eyes full of desire. I watched his hand slide across the front of his chinos and brush over his cock. I could see it harden as he stoked it.

Yes very thick. I licked my lips and saw him gesture with his eyes to my legs. I swung the left leg into the aisle and parted them, L still not noticed. I slid my hands up my thighs and pulled my dress with them. I opened my legs so he could see under my dress.

I could feel my pussy, tingling and damp as he looked at my sex. I squeezed my left tit for him, tweaking my bullet like nipple. I closed my legs and saw the disappointment flash over his face. I looked down at his cock, now fully hard and straining against his trousers. He caught my drift and started to stroke it for me.

God he looked good, standing tall with his big cock visible if anyone cared to look and all because of me. It felt good to be desired like this and it made me bolder. I asked L to get me my book out of the bag on the luggage rack.

He stood and as his back turned I pulled my tumblr erotic down and showed my horny stranger my lace tumblr erotic tits. L was still getting my book, I quickly pullled the lace away to expose my hard puckered nipples for him. A quick squeeze of my tits and covered up as L turned back with my book. He sat by the window this time and I could slide down a little in my seat to put a stockinged foot up onto the seat opposite.

My strangers eyes now glued to my fingers, now glistening for him to see. I wondered why all of a sudden I felt the need to grab him and let him fuck my brains out in the toilet. As my fingers teased my lips and clit my stranger hardly blinked engrossed as he was in my little show.

I saw him look up pointedly at the for the toilet, I shook my head no. He grinned and started to undo the buttons on his fly. My eyes widened and I looked around rapidly to see if anyone else was watching. He pulled with some difficulty his thick hard cock out, gave it a stroke and let me see that it was dripping with desire before hastily putting it away. He smiled, nodded at me in a conspiratorial way and turned on his heel.

Through the door and turned left.

I saw the toilet engaged light flash on. I knocked twice and the door opened immediately. He literally pulled me in and pushed me against the door, his body grinding into mine. I looked tumblr erotic and he leant down and we kissed, slowly at first then with passion and urgency. He pulled my dress off my shoulders and popped my aching tits out of their constraints.

He squeezed them and pulled them, teasing his fingers towards my nipples. Slipping his mouth over one he sucked and licked and rolled it between teeth and tongue and lips, I writhed beneath him, struggled to open his fly and drop his trousers. He helped and moments later I was on my knees about to suck a strangers glistening cock into my mouth.

His hand on my tit and the other on my head he was balls deep in a second, me gagging on his thickness. I cupped his heavy balls as I bobbed up and down his length, his moans getting louder.

He pulled me up and had me bend over the sink, my dress pulled up over my tight tumblr erotic. I pushed back against his touch and begged him to fuck me. With no hesitation he pushed his way into my tunnel, my lips splayed wide by the girth of his cock. I pushed back against his hardness and felt him filling my dark void with hot cock. He pulled out so the tip was just touching me then he rammed back in and started pumping in and out, hard and fast and deep. He pinched my nipples and grunted as he thrust deep into me and his cum started to flood into me.

I could feel his cock pumping it up me as he stayed still, forced as far in as he could go. I tumblr erotic back to seat on wobbly legs, I could feel his cum leaking from my swollen pussy. I squeezed my legs together as I sat down, the longer to keep him inside me.

L looked across at me and smiled a knowing smile, his paper on his lap and he was fidgeting, almost bouncing from his chair. Our stop was next and he got up to get our stuff together, he kissed me as he reached over for my water and book. I nervously watched him put the book in a bag and made sure I grabbed it to carry, my strangers card was inside the fly leaf and I needed to look as soon as I could to find out his name.

We got home and bags and shopping put away I started upstairs saying I would do dinner after a shower. I heard L bound up the stairs a few minutes later, I was just undressing when I felt his arms encircle me from behind, his hard cock grinding into my arse. I tried to pull away, very aware of my recently fucked pussy, still dripping tumblr erotic his Simon I had found out cum.

L pulled my dress off and I clipped my bra then spun me round. And with that he swiftly knelt down and pushed his head between my legs. I could smell sex, smell desire and lust, L teased his tongue in between my lips and inhaled deeply before licking and sucking my slutty cunt clean. I knew that he knew and he knew that I knew……. I pulled him up and kissed him. Holding his face in my hands I asked. As his spunk dribbled out of my gaping pussy he snuggled up behind me holding me tight. Rae could smell her favourite Jo Malone candles subtly infusing the air as Mick opened the bedroom door for her.

He caressed her arms; sliding his hands up to her shoulders and neck.

Rae knew he loved to touch her and she adored the sensation of his work roughened fingers stroking her soft silky body so seductively and lovingly.