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Urbanxlife walkthrough, I'm looking urbanxlife walkthrough boy that loves experiment

In this game you can choose your character everyday to play as a brat or as a highschool chick. Each character has his own daily program and can go to different places and met different people and have different experiences. Some events are determined by the day or the story and sometimes randomly.

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Please do not post request-thre, and avoid posting artwork that is not your own unless it is being used as a reference. When posting content, please consider including a screenshot to help users to see what a game is like. Topic locked. That's what I think of course. Re: Urban X Life - VXace - New version by rockythedevil » Sat Mar 19, pm old version is available to play if you have it so please give it to me or if u don't so send me the link and what is the name of old version?

Re: Urban X Life - VXace - New version by zarqupang » Mon Mar 21, pm well i like the game but been out of work for some time so never going to get the right updates and i can't get the fairy are intemadat with out loseing the save mean u and can't get that far as the mean character and wish i new were all the scenes where and for give my spelling it sucks but if someone could give me a walkthrough lol and a full game urbanxlife walkthrough if they can would ask wootch but i don't know the thnks.

Re: Urban X Life - VXace - New version by zarqupang » Wed Mar 23, pm can some one give me a good walkthrough i get bto a part then have no clue what to do been to the two headed dragon but don't think i have all the seens and i got 1.

Is it suposed to be like that? Everytime i press compliment nothing happens.

The funny is that i can sit and watch the ball goes left, right, left, right, and i don't do anything. I have the latest version 1.

I't don't make it easy to succes with the nurse After school go to the store area and to the left of the food market there is a stall with a little old lady who will sell you 5 sleeping pills for 50g. Note that you can only get 5 pills at a time and she will not sell you any if you have even one pill left over.

I got special Ice Cream but that only effected the sleep meter.

Urban x life by wootch rpg

And before you ask, no I don't know why Wootch adds them when they are not ready. Siski blackmail — part 1. Re: Urban X Life - VXace - New version by ThatGuyThere » Mon Mar 28, pm okay here is bug that ruins the game as soon as i get urbanxlife walkthrough the orcs it will not let me save the game any more i go to a save spot and the save is grayed outed so i can't use it is there a way to fix that or do i got to wait for the next update to play the game passed that point.