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Name: Dacey
Years old: 23
What I prefer to listen: My favourite music opera
My piercing: None

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Never call me Thaddeus - it's Thad. If you're looking for a thrill, I'm your man. I'm always on the look out for something amazing. He prefers comfortable jeans and t-shirts over flashy name brands. The most expensive thing Thad owns is his leather jacket and even that was modestly priced. However the one thing Thad spends all of his limitless allowance on is sweets. He constantly has a stockpile of candy in his trunk and he is known to spend outrageous amounts of money in Honeydukes.

Nodding she smiled towards him.


I mean besides baking treats to make you feel better. Thad seemed the type to be at all the social events, the parties, dances, surly there was something that he would trust and think of first. Oh wow. Raising a brow she started to mold the cookies on the sheet. Maybe… you should try avoiding showing up drunk… maybe?

Thad studied her face, wondering if he dared ever cry on her shoulder. But somehow this girl had gotten some of it out of him. Maybe she could be his shoulder to cry on. If he ever dare cry in front of someone. So only 3 years. Or hung over. It would be out of character at this point.

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Biting her lip she just simply nodded. Nodding she kept her mouth shut to the topic.

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Taking the water bottle she gave him a small smile. I think your very kind, sweet, good looking - you have a bright future too. How long have you been playing? Thad nodded, but kept his gaze averted.

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This topic of conversation was making him grow more introverted, withdrawing into himself as wicked wife tumblr sort of protection. Even though we barely know each other. But it showed she cared, even after only 15 minutes or so of conversation. He needed more positive people like her in his life. As she cleared her throat, Thad looked back up. I was roped into going to the tryouts and somehow the captain saw some potential in me.

Fiona fixed him with a mock glare, her smile still on her lips, as she watched him still sucking on the rock candy. At least he had somewhere they could go. He did have a point, after all, she was a married woman, and she did appreciate the small amount of discretion.

And then his lips were on hers wicked wife tumblr a brief kiss, gone far too soon for her liking. Her eyes had fluttered shut and opened again at the sound of his voice, licking the sugar from her lips with a nod. Thad nodded to the bartender with a smirk as he made his way towards the stairs.

Their little agreement was certainly working out for him. All it took was him running a few errands and he could have the room for a day. It had helped him impress a of people and keep his extra curricular activities off the street, so he was grateful.

Not to mention a girl like Fiona deserved somewhere private and comfortable. Thad was in the middle of kicking his shoes off with the knock came on the door. Grinning wide around the lollipop, Thad stumbled over to the door with one shoe half off before pulling it open. In one fluid motion, he pulled the candy from his mouth, grabbed Fiona by the waist and kicked the door closed after her before bringing their lips together once more.

Only this time the kiss was far from chaste. That was totally wicked! Refresh Message Me fairytale hogwarts past life Theme. Posted 3 years ago October 20 Via: fh-dailyprompt Source: fh-dailyprompt. Tags: hc fhdailyprompt. His favorite color is orange.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His middle name is Adelphos and he almost never tells anyone this. He wants a motorcycle more than anything and will not stop talking about it.

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His patronus is a collie. His boggart is watching helplessly as his sister receives the same abuse from their mother he has endured his whole life. For Thad, amortentia, the love potion, smells like a spicy citrus scent similar to bergamot, the smell of the woods after a rainstorm, freshly brewed coffee and the unmistakable sweet scent of a candy store. He identifies as polysexual though he would never put a name to it and enjoys casual sex with anyone who crosses his path that he finds sexually intriguing. Thad is an adrenaline junky and is constantly chasing the next big thrill.

Thad is charming, knowing just what to say to make someone blush. However Thad has a bad habit of holding in his emotions, which le to brooding and mood swings. He loves dressing up to be something other than himself and has sported elaborate costumes ever since he was old enough to make his own Halloween decisions apart from his mother. Cosima has a bad habit wicked wife tumblr using a poisonous combination of magical and physical punishment when Thad acts out and his father has a bad job of letting Cosima do whatever she wants no matter what it costs the. His older brother Leandros has always been the perfect son, doing well in school, becoming Head Boy, and getting a job in the Ministry with a clear path to becoming the Minister of Magic.

Thad prefers his sister Ilythia to Leandros because she was his shadow when wicked wife tumblr were. Lukas is practically a rug in their household, constantly being walked over by Cosima. The last thing Thad wants to become is like his father. Their home is an expensive and illustrious building in Yorkshire. Cosima keeps up appearances with the pureblood community but their half-blood status is widespread despite her efforts to keep it under wraps. Whenever Thad is home for a holiday, he spends most of his time hiding from his parents or out partying in downtown London.

Thad loves discovering new secret passageways. Anything that will help him make mischief and get around the castle easier.

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Waldo entertains Thad to no end and he loves using the poltergeist to his advantage to get out of trouble. Tags: hc about. Via: xx-felicity-blog Source: xx-felicity-blog. Tags: felicity th like nope theres no way im crying in front of her. Tags: gifs gifdumb gifhunt.

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Tags: gifs gifhunt gifdump. Thad Gifs - Happy. Tags: gifs gifdump gifhunt. Thad Gifs - Sexy. Tags: gifdump gifhunt gifs. Tags: felicity this is my fave new gif. Tags: photos. Via: fifibabette Source: fifibabette. Tags: fiona he has a lot of plans for this time with fiona he is taking full advantage of this opportunity.